Recycle Your Junk-You’ll Be Amazed from the Result!


Recycling is good for the environment it’s good for your community and it’s good for your… Let’s face it, what you really need to do is get rid of clutter.  I don’t know about you, but boxes tend to stack up at my house. My husband orders tools online all the time. I walked out into my garage a few weeks ago and realized that there was no room for a car because of all of the boxes. To remedy the situation, I broke them down and recycled them over the next few weeks. Now my car will fit into the garage. Boxes aren’t the only thing, of course. You may be able to recycle more than you think.

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How to Make Your Home a Waste Free Zone


Waste is a common problem in our society. We waste our time on silly people, our government wastes our money just to perpetuate its own mindlessness, and then we get home a what do we do?  We throw out things we spent our hard earned money on. For example, bananas go uneaten. How much time did you work for those bananas?  How many seconds at a desk do they represent? Not long, I’m sure, but if you add up a week’s worth of food thrown out, how much time does it represent sitting at a desk or waiting tables?  Then there’s the electric energy being wasted. I have some ideas for stopping all of this wastefulness.

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How to Become More Environmentally Friendly


Being an environmentally friendly person seems like a big step, but there are little things you can do before you go out and buy a Prius or install solar panels.  For example, how often do you eat meat? Your mother was right. You need to eat your vegetables. Do you keep your thermostat set to a comfortable temperature when no one is home to enjoy it but a few spiders? Have you ever checked your ecological footprint?  It could be enlightening.

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