How to Make Your Home a Waste Free Zone


Waste is a common problem in our society. We waste our time on silly people, our government wastes our money just to perpetuate its own mindlessness, and then we get home a what do we do?  We throw out things we spent our hard earned money on. For example, bananas go uneaten. How much time did you work for those bananas?  How many seconds at a desk do they represent? Not long, I’m sure, but if you add up a week’s worth of food thrown out, how much time does it represent sitting at a desk or waiting tables?  Then there’s the electric energy being wasted. I have some ideas for stopping all of this wastefulness.

First, freeze fresh fruit including bananas. You can use it all in a smoothie or bread later.  I know you had good intentions when you bought it. You felt like being healthy. You’ll feel like being healthy again right after you regret eating a big dinner or something. Just you wait. I freeze bananas in their peels when I’m really lazy. They turn black, but they’re still good.

Second, plan meals that use the same ingredients. Whatever is leftover at the first meal can be used at the next. For example, if you need the same chopped vegetables in two meals you can chop them all up in one night and then just store what you don’t need for the next night. That will save you time and money.

Third, compost. It’s one of the best ways to keep your home waste free.  There is sort of a science and a balance to it. It has to be kept moist and it needs to be turned.  It’s not that complicated, though. Just keep throwing your potato peels on there and it should be fine. If tomato plants start to grow on it, you may have let it sit for too long, but at least you got some tomatoes for your garden. If you can’t compost, then you can reuse some things every now and then. For example, coffee grounds can get the bad smell out of your refrigerator. But don’t leave them in an open bowl. I did that and it got knocked over. Put the grounds in a bowl with plastic wrap over it and punch holes in the plastic wrap.

Finally, look for energy waste in your home. I lit some incense and set it next to a window recently and it actually went out. It didn’t just blow sideways.  Seal up your windows and air ducts to save energy. See what happens when you set incense by your windows. If the smoke goes straight up, you have a good seal.

Making your home a waste free zone is important in a world full of wastefulness.  Our homes are the place where we control what happens. The really great thing is that by controlling our own wastefulness we can have a positive impact on our society by not adding to the waste that is already there. Maybe we can share our compost heap tomatoes, too.